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ABD Ticaret Hukukunda Temel Kavramlar


ABA .The American Bar Association

ABD : Amerika Birleşik Devletleri

APA : The Administrative Procedure Act

App. : Appeal

Art. : Article

b. : bent

bus. : business

bkz. : bakınız

C. : Cilt

Ca. : California

CA : Companies Act

CCC : The Commodity Credit Corporation

CCL. : The Commerce Control List

Ch. .Chancery

CISG. : The United Nations Convention on Contract for International Sale of Goods

CID. : Civil Investigative Demand

Cir. : Circuit(Court of Appeals)

Co. : Company

Cong. : Congre

Const. : Constitution

Corp. : Corporation

DCL : Delaware Corporation Law

Div. : Division

DSB. : Dispute Settlement Body

ECCN : Export Control Classification Numbers

EEA : The Economic Espionage Act

Ed. . Edition

EFTA : The Electronic Fund transfers Act

EU : European Union

EXİMBANK : Export Import Bank

F.2d. :Federal nd.(Mahkeme Kararları Dergisi)

FCPA : The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

FSC : The Foreign Sales Corporation Act

F. Supp. : Federal Supplement(Mahkeme Kararları Dergisi)

Fed. : Federal

Fed. Sec. L. : Federal Securities Law

FIRREA : The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act

FTCA : The Federal Trade Commission Act

FTC : The Federal Trade Commission

IMF : The International Monetary Fund

Inc. : Incorporated

Ins. : Insurance

ITA : The International Trade Administration

ITC : The International Trade Commission

IRS : Internal Revenue Service

LLC : Limited Liability Company

LLP : Limited Liability Partnership

LP : Limited Partnership

m. : madde

MBCA : A Model Business Corporation Act

NAFTA : The North American Free Trade Organization

NE : North Eastern(Mahkeme Kararları)

NSMIA : National Securities Markets Improvement Act

NYS : New York Supplement(Mahkeme Kararları)

NLRB : National Labor Relations Board

Nu : Number

OPIC : The Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Pa. : Pennsylvania State Reports

PNPA : The Petroleum Marketing Practices Act

Reg. : Regulation

Rep. : Report

Rev. : Review.

RICO : The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

RMBCA : The Revised Model Business Corporation Act

RUPA : The Revised Uniform Partnership Act

RULPA : The Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act

s. : Sayfa

S. : Sayı

SA : The Securities Act

S.Ct . Supreme Court

SEA : The Securities Exchange Act

SEC : The Securities Exchange Commission

Sec. : Section

Stat. : State

Tex. : Texas

UCC : Uniform Commercial Code

ULPA : Uniform Limited Partnership Act

UPA : The Uniform Partnership Act

US : United States

USC : United States Court of Appeals

UNCTAC : The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

USTR : The United States Trade Represantatives

v. : versus

V. : Volume

vd. . ve devamı

Yazar: Dr. Mustafa CAN
Yayım Tarihi: 1999



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